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The International Businessmen consists of the vital remains of 4 hungry musicians existing in the wastelands surrounding"SUNNY" Seattle, Washington. The entrepreneurs march from venue to venue in professional appeal armed with instruments of mass destruction.
In the direct face of the media, they are the undeniable sense of
brotherhood that keeps the world out of constant jeopardy. As individuals, they carry their own beliefs but all share the ideological concept that musical minds are being starved of creativity.

The Businessmen aim to entertain the crowd above all other tasks.
It is an ability that others only strive for, and The Businessmen carry it with pride. IB came together in the winter of 2002 after simultaneously leaving their previous business exploits in order to form a more dominant organization. The four immediately
began plotting their destiny by attacking the local scene in venues of noterioty that provide a solid public forum in order to deliver a powerful presentation. With the motivation of the new band, they have begun planning a West Coast tour to take place late summer of 2002. Their versatility will make each stop as fun and enjoyable as the preceding.

The Businessmen bring surf, ska and hardcore together with a new school power pop feel for a splendid evening of punk rock music. They are set out to destroy the white-collar development using their own leadership tactics and identity tag while incorporating the effective methods of the underground. Mainstream music crumbles in
comparison to "America's Newest Heroes", The International Businessmen. All is fair
in this capitalistic society…. …so lets play.